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HUD Homepage

Information on funding, technical assistance, contracting
opportunities, major initiatives and more. Also contains links
to the home pages of HUD field offices.


HUD’s client information and policy system page includes
forms, handbooks, notices, letters and more.

Federal Register

Federal Register including notices, rules and proposed
rules from federal agencies and organizations.


Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System information,
documents, announcements and discussion forums.

USDA Rural Housing


MassHousing Finance Agency 

Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA)

Navigate Affordable Housing Partners

New Hampshire Housing Finance Agency

Maine State Housing Authority

Rhode Island Housing Authority

Vermont State Housing Authority



About Assisted Living

Assisted Living Facilities offer many different housing options for seniors who want to live autonomously, but still require a little extra help to fully enjoy life.

Of course, different people require various levels of care, ranging from communal housing to socializing to intensive medical intervention.

There are also many options to help pay for assisted living. Whether the situation requires a little companionship, help with taking the proper
medications, or more rigorous forms of support, you are sure to find an Assisted Living option that will be a perfect fit!

American Association of Service Coordinators (AASC)

The mission of the American Association of Service Coordinators (AASC) is to advance the interests of the service coordinator profession and provide guidance to members in the creation and maintenance of service-enhanced housing to families, the elderly and persons with disabilities through leadership, education, training, networking, advocacy and other services. AASC serves its members by representing the concerns of SCs through interaction with Congress and federal agencies and educating public and private agencies on the benefits and cost effectiveness of service coordination and service-enriched housing. AASC looks for and supports alternative funding resources and collaborative partnerships that can be duplicated within other housing environments. It also strives to enhance the professionalism of its constituents through its training and networking conferences and opportunities for peer networking in addition to providing information on ‘best practice’ programs. In addition, AASC provides members guidance in the development and implementation of national professional standards of practice and programmatic policies and procedures ensuring program consistency and sound social work practice within existing housing regulations. AASC works with and helps strengthen existing local and statewide SC groups while assisting in the development of new ones.

Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (CARH)

The Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (CARH) is a non-profit trade organization. For over 20 years, CARH has served as the nation’s leading advocate for participants in the affordable rural housing profession. CARH is committed to providing a respected voice for its members, and it regularly meets with key members of Congress, the Rural Housing Service (RHS), the Department of Treasury, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and state and local housing agencies. Recognizing that knowledge is the key to a successful career, CARH also strives to ensure that its members remain the best informed in the industry. CARH members have access to timely and insightful publications, meetings, seminars, training programs, and nationally recognized education designations. Hundreds of professionals in more than forty states trust CARH to provide them with superior lobbying, the most up-to-date industry information, and invaluable benefits and services.

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

The mission of the Department of Health and Human Services is to provide health and human services to the people of Maine so that all persons may achieve and maintain their optimal level of health and their full potential for economic independence and personal development. Within available funds, the department shall provide supportive, preventive, protective, public health and intervention services to children, families and adults, including the elderly and adults with disabilities. The department shall endeavor to assist individuals in meeting their needs and families in providing for the developmental, health and safety needs of their children, while respecting the rights and preferences of the individual or family. The statutory philosophy and intent of the new department continues to be to: Improve the health and well-being of Maine residents; Treat consumers with respect and dignity; Treat service providers with professionalism and collegiality; Value and support department staff as the critical connection to the consumer; Involve consumers, providers, advocates and staff in long-term planning; Use relevant, meaningful data and objective analyses of population-based needs in program planning, decision making and quality assurance; and, Deliver services that are individualized, family-centered, easily accessible, preventive, independence-oriented, interdisciplinary, collaborative, evidence-based and consistent with best practices.

Eastern Area Agency on Aging

Eastern Area Agency on Aging is the best source of information, options and services for seniors, adults with disabilities and caregivers. EAAA is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization managed by a professional staff and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of representatives from our four county service area. We also have a regional volunteer advisory council to help us identify the needs of seniors and find ways to meet those needs. Their programs succeed thanks in large part to our volunteers. Programs funded in part by the State of Maine Department of Health & Human Services and the agency is a part of a nationwide network of agencies on aging established by the federal government’s Older Americans Act. Eastern Area Agency on Aging is a United Way Partnership Agency.

Elizabeth Moreland

Elizabeth Moreland Consulting specializes in providing training and consultation on the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, HUD Section 8, FmHA/RHCDS Section 515 and the HOME Programs. The goal of this company is to provide sound advice and practical solutions to other professionals involved with providing, managing or investing in affordable housing. As a result of the ever-increasing regulatory changes to affordable housing programs, the requirements surrounding these programs increase, and can become an overwhelming administration problem. Unfortunately, there is usually little or no help available to those owning or managing such properties. Often the available advice is out-of-date, unrealistic in today’s world of property management, or confusing. For the average owner or manager, keeping up with the changes and finer points to these programs can become a full-time job.

Emerson Swan Maintenance Trainings 

Plumbing, heating and HVAC are constantly evolving trades. As equipment becomes more sophisticated, education on latest and greatest developments becomes more important. Also, as new individuals enter the trades they need to learn the essentials so that they can become proficient, competent and profitable.

Fannie Mae

Their public mission, and defining goal, is to help more families achieve the American Dream of homeownership. They do this by providing financial products and services that make it possible for low-, moderate-, and middle-income families to buy homes of their own. Since Fannie Mae began in 1968 they have helped more than 63 million families achieve the American Dream of homeownership. Fannie Mae is working to expand homeownership opportunities by joining with lenders and community partners to create products and technologies to reach underserved communities, so that more people can own their own homes.

Granite State Managers Association

Granite State Managers Association is a professional organization of property owners, managers and other people involved in the Property Management industry.  Organized in 1986 by managers of New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority financed properties, our group has steadily grown and now includes managers of all types of real estate including:

Conventional, affordable and subsidized residential housing
Retail and commercial properties
Condominiums and mobile home parks
Properties affiliated with both HUD & Rural Development

Green Building Resource Guide

Provides news, information, and educational material centered on the environment and health for consumers. With an entire section dedicated to green building, the website offers information on green building materials and eco-friendly home goods. It also offers tips from green building experts and green product service providers.


A site that helps low income families with finding financial assistance programs. Our directory lists assistance programs that help with utility, energy, rent and medical bills.

HD Supply Training

HD Supply offers technical training and certification classes for maintenance technicians — at both basic and advanced skill levels. Classes are taught by our team of professionals who are experienced in facility maintenance, facility management, and vocational education.

Institute for Environmental Education, Inc. (IEE)
Whether you’re a large organization or an individual entering the environmental workforce, the Institute for Environmental Education, Inc. (IEE) is your complete training resource.  With more than two decades of experience, IEE trains over 5,000 students per year for our clientele including governmental agencies, hospitals, public and private schools and colleges, branches of the armed services, businesses, associations and non-profit groups.


IEE understands that dealing with today’s changing regulations is critical in your workplace and we’re constantly updating our courses to keep pace with the times.

Plus we are a certified and/or approved training provider by various federal and state agencies including but not limited to those listed in the following chart:

Agency Approved Discipline
U.S. EPA Asbestos, Lead RRP
U.S. OSHA Construction & General Industry Outreach Instructors
NH DHHLPP Lead Paint Abatement
MA DLS Asbestos & Lead Paint Renovation & Deleading
MA CLPPP Construction & General Industry Outreach Instructors
NH DHHLPP Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor
NYS DOH Asbestos

While our courses are not specifically approved in all state jurisdictions, many states will accept IEE’s training based upon reciprocity or equivalency.   Always check with the specific state agency directly to verify acceptance.

Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)

The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM®) has been the source for education, resources, information and membership for real estate management professionals for more than 70 years. An affiliate of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, IREM is the only professional real estate management association serving both the multi-family and commercial real estate sectors. With 82 U.S. chapters, eight international chapters, and several other partnerships around the globe, IREM is an international organization that serves as an advocate on issues affecting the real estate management industry. IREM promotes ethical real estate management practices through its credentialed membership programs, including the CERTIFIED PROPERTY MANAGER® (CPM®) designation, the ACCREDITED RESIDENTIAL MANAGER® (ARM®) certification, and the ACCREDITED MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION® (AMO®) accreditation. These esteemed designations certify competence and professionalism for those engaged in real estate management. In addition, IREM offers Associate membership status.

Leading Age

The mission of LeadingAge is to expand the world of possibilities for aging. Our membership includes 6,000 not-for-profit organizations representing the entire field of aging services, 39 state partners, and hundreds of businesses, consumer groups, foundations, and research partners. Together, our members touch 4 million lives every day. LeadingAge is also a part of the International Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (IAHSA), which spans 30 countries across the globe.

LeadingAge is a 501c3 tax exempt charitable organization focused on education, advocacy, and applied research.

Live Smoke Free

Living smoke free is a win win for everyone. For Landlords, adopting a smoke free policy for your rental properties can save you money, cut your risk of fire damage, reduce complaints, improve the health of your tenants and building, and increase your rental marketability. For these reasons, more and more property owners are choosing to go smoke free. Getting started is easier than you think. For Tenants, smoke free policies mean healthier breathing spaces. There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. Babies, children, those with asthma and heart disease and even your pets are particularly sensitive. Smoke from neighboring apartments can get in through air ducts, cracks in floors and walls, stairwells, hallways, and more. You can take steps to protect your household. For Public Housing Authorities (PHAs), not only will tenants breathe easier but PHAs can reduce staff time, turnover costs and reduce the risk of fire. Hundreds of PHAs across the nation have already adopted smoke free policies. We have the tools to help you get started.

Maine Real Estate Manager's Association

The Maine Real Estate Managers Association (MREMA) is a Non-Profit Organization Committed to Promoting Professional Asset Management by Providing Effective Leadership through Collaborative Relationships, Educational, and Training Programs.

MREMA does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, familial status, sources of income, or disability.

MassALFA – Massachusetts Assisted Living Facilities Association

About Mass-ALFA
The Massachusetts Assisted Living Facilities Association (Mass-ALFA) is a non-profit association dedicated to professionally operated assisted living residences in Massachusetts that provide housing and services for individuals with varied needs and income levels.

Mass Tap

TAP, MassHousing’s Tenant Assistance Program, offers courses to property management and social service staff that address social issues affecting families and seniors in rental housing. Staff of TAP member sites have unlimited access to TAP trainings, which are scheduled throughout the year.

Many trainings meet HUD’s certification requirements for resident service coordinators.

NAA – National Apartments Association

About Us | National Apartment Association
The National Apartment Association (NAA) is America’s leading advocate for quality rental housing. About Us | National Apartment Association
NAA’s mission is to serve the interests of multifamily housing owners, managers, developers and suppliers and maintain a high level of professionalism in the multifamily housing industry to better serve the rental housing needs of the public.

NAHMA ( National Affordable Housing Management Association

NAHMA’s mission is to support legislative and regulatory policy that promotes the development and preservation of decent and safe affordable housing. NAHMA serves as a vital resource for technical education and information, fosters strategic relations between government and industry, and recognizes those who exemplify the best in affordable housing. NAHMA is the voice in Washington for 17 regional, state and local affordable housing management associations nationwide. NAHMA advocates a supply adequate to meet the growing need for multifamily, residential affordable housing by bringing nationwide attention to the necessity of preserving decent and safe housing. The foundation of NAHMA’s vital mission is based upon: Solid partnerships with HUD, Congress, RHS, state housing agencies, and housing credit monitoring agencies; Promotion of industry standards for professionals in affordable housing management through initiating and maintaining professional education and certification programs; Commitment to Communities of QualityT for families living in affordable housing; and Preservation of existing units of affordable housing. NAHMA concentrates its efforts on housing policy, finance and other current issues shaping affordable housing legislation and regulation, presenting testimony, drafting white papers and disseminating alerts, newsletters and other communications to its members. NAHMA also maintains strategic alliances with other industry groups, thereby strengthening the voice of the affordable housing industry.

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

NAHB is a Washington, D.C.-based trade association whose mission is to enhance the climate for housing and the building industry. Chief among NAHB’s goals is providing and expanding opportunities for all consumers to have safe, decent and affordable housing. As “the voice of America’s housing industry,” NAHB helps promote policies that will keep housing a national priority.

National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO)

The National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) is the leading housing and community development advocate for the provision of adequate and affordable housing and strong, viable communities for all Americans-particularly those with low- and moderate-incomes. Our members administer HUD programs such as Public Housing, Section 8, CDBG and HOME.

National Center for Housing Management (NCHM)

The National Center for Housing Management’s mission is taken directly from our constituting document. NCHM’s mission is “to provide objective and independent leadership at the national level in helping meet the Nation’s housing management and training needs.” (Presidential Executive Order 11668, signed April 21, 1972). NCHM’s bold and innovative strides toward this organizational mission can be experienced most directly in the development of comprehensive training and certification programs. NCHM’s management improvement services, ranging from compliance and performance education to technical support and consulting, provide housing industry organizations with the very independent leadership and support NCHM was called upon to provide three decades ago.

National Council State Housing Agencies (NCSHA)

The National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA) is a national, nonprofit organization created by the nation’s state Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs) to assist them in increasing housing opportunities for lower-income and underserved people through the financing, development, and preservation of affordable housing.

National Low-Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC)

The National Low Income Housing Coalition is dedicated solely to ending America’s affordable housing crisis. They believe that this is achievable, that the affordable housing crisis is a problem that Americans are capable of solving. They focus their advocacy on those with the most serious housing problems, the lowest income households.

New England Resident Service Coordination, Inc. (NERSC)

NERSC, Inc. was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2004, after producing five successful annual conferences for New England Resident Service Coordinators beginning in 1999. Since then, we have continued to focus our efforts on providing quality training, professional development and networking opportunities through these annual conferences. Through this website, NERSC, Inc. offers additional resources for Resident Service Coordinators. NERSC, Inc. is not a membership organization. There are no dues or fees associated with participation in NERSC, Inc. other than registration fees to attend the annual Conference.

Peterson School

The Peterson School has been preparing Facilities Operations Personnel for their State License Exams since 1946. Our Engineering, HVAC, Gas Heat, Oil Heat, Electricity, Facilities Maintenance, and Plumbing staff members are all senior licensed instructors holding major operations and management positions in the largest commercial facilities in the New England area.


Quadel Consulting provides training, consulting, and management services to the affordable housing industry. As a leader in the field for over 25 years, Quadel is recognized for its knowledge of local issues and a practitioner-style to ensuring programs work “on the ground”.

RHA (Rental Housing Association)

Founded in 1953, RHA today represents owners and managers of some 100,000 units across the state.

Spectrum Seminars

SPECTRUM SEMINARS, INC. offers informative and entertaining seminar, conducted solely by Steve Rosenblatt. Steve also offers a consulting service – “Ask The Answer Man.” Seminars and consulting provide valuable information for property owners and managers, developers, syndicates, asset managers, accountants, private corporations, and government agencies regarding: FmHA/USDA Rural Development, HUD programs, Fair Housing/Section 504/ADA, the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), and other government programs. SPECTRUM ENTERPRISES provides Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) compliance monitoring services for several State Agencies as well as private corporations and organizations.

Theopro Compliance and Consulting

TheoPRO produces seminars and workshops around the country and provides private seminars for industry professionals. Currently the only public provider of the Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) review and exam, TheoPRO actively promotes and endorses this prestigious certification. TheoPRO also provides a variety of services including approval, review and audit services, and special projects. Recognized as an industry leader, the TheoPRO team applies its knowledge and years of experience to the careful and conservative protection of tax credit housing.

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

The Department of Energy’s overreaching mission is to advance the national, economical energy security of the US; to promote scientific and technological innovation in support of that mission; and to ensure the environmental clean-up of the national nuclear weapons complex.

Zeffert & Associates – HOME Training