The Property Management Industry offers extremely diverse and exciting career opportunities at varying levels.  We want to encourage you to evaluate your skills and personality traits to see how they can lead to your potential success in this sector of the business community.   This is a business where you have the ability to work your way up the ladder and our organization wants to help you navigate the next steps to be taken to enter the wonderful world of managing affordable housing. It is an industry that is recession proof because people always need housing and someone to help take care of the assets.

The New England Affordable Housing Management Association is a component of the property management industry and the organization’s focus is not only on the affordable housing shelter needs of their residents but the delivery of outside  social services that enable them to continue to thrive in the community. As a result of this focus, this segment of the property management industry offers its own separate rewards to people who work and manage in this industry.


WHO should consider Property Management as a Career Opportunity?

Anyone who has a desire to learn and work hard

WHAT skills and personality traits do you need to be successful?

  • Strong Communication Skills and Enjoy Working with People
  • Organized and Energetic
  • Computer Skills ( Word, Excel and comfortable learning new software)
  • Strong Business Math Aptitude
  • General Maintenance and Repair Skills

WHERE do I go and how do I start?

You can start by:

Research the industry: the National Apartment Association and Institute of Real Estate Management provide excellent brochures on the skills set, training needs and salary potential for the various opportunities in the property management industry.

New England Affordable Housing Managers (NEAHMA) is a local member of the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA).
We would be happy to meet with your school or business group to provide a career opportunity presentation.

WHEN do I act?

The time is now, if you have recently graduated (or about to) from high school, trade school or college, seeking a change in careers, consider Property Management.

WHY Property Management of Affordable Housing?

A career in the property management of affordable housing helps to provide decent, affordable housing to families, and older adults in need. For parents, living in decent, affordable housing also means reduced stress due to a lessening of concerns that high housing costs will lead to foreclosure and eviction; this in turn leads to fewer physical and mental health problems and reduced absenteeism on the job or in schools for their children.

Older adults face an array of housing challenges. Many live in homes that lack accessibility features, are unaffordable or energy inefficient, or are located far from important destinations and amenities. Others need various kinds of assistance to maintain their independence and autonomy but cannot afford the supportive services that would allow them to age successfully in a residential environment.

Affordable housing also is important to the economic vitality of communities by support of the local workforce so they can live close to their jobs. Shorter commutes allow workers to spend more time with their families while the community benefits from reductions in traffic congestion, air pollution and expenditures on roads. In revitalizing communities, the construction of affordable homes can also help to stimulate economic growth.