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Topics have been Social Media, Mental Health Issues, Dealing with Difficult People, Fast Track Eviction, and Understanding Alzheimer’s.



How the Substance Abuse, Opioid & Heroin Addiction Epidemic affect our Housing Communities
May 25,2017


How the Substance Abuse, Opioid & Heroin Addiction Epidemic Affect our Housing Communities
Presenter: Frank Flynn, Flynn Law Group

This new interactive and informative training will review current and emerging trends in addiction. For example, public health data reveals that opioid overdose occurs in all communities across the state – rural, urban, rich, poor and among all age groups and ethnicity. The increasing availability of prescription opioid painkillers contributes dramatically to the problem, both by causing addiction and by offering easy access, with consumers able to obtain drugs from friends, family members, or medical providers. This presentation will also provide information about other drugs including designer drugs like Molly etc., as well as the identification of paraphernalia for drugs of abuse. Join us as we review recent developments, examine the complicated effects in housing settings and gain an understanding of what we can and should do about it.



June 27, 2017 


June 15, 2017