NAHMS and NAHMT Credentials (Maintenance Professionals)



National Accredited Housing Maintenance Technician™ (NAHMT™)
and National Accredited Housing Maintenance Supervisor™ (NAHMS™)  Credentials

The National Accredited Housing Maintenance Technician (NAHMT) and National Accredited Housing Maintenance Supervisor (NAHMS) credentials were conceived and designed to recognize those apartment housing maintenance professionals, who, through their completion of strict NAHMT and NAHMS requirements, have met the highest possible industry standards.

The NAHMT and NAHMS credential requirements are comprised of education/training, work experience and adherence to the NAHMT / NAHMS Code of Professional Conduct.

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Education Requirement for both NAHMT or NAHMS:

The education component consists of successful completion of an accumulation of a total of sixteen (16) hours of training over a five-year timeframe, as follows:
— Two (2) hours of training related to REAC inspections or preventative maintenance
— Two (2) hours of training related to lead-based paint or environmental hazards
— Eight (8) hours of training in at least four different maintenance-specific topics (maintenance topics can include but are not limited to electrical, plumbing, HVAC, appliances, construction, etc.), and
–Two (2) hours of fair housing training

The courses/trainings listed above may be provided by any of the following sources:
— Local, state or regional Affordable Housing Management Association (AHMA)
— National Apartment Association (NAA) Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAMT) courses
— Other national trade associations, professional societies, or community, vocational or similar educational institution

Experience Requirement for NAHMT:

— All NAHMT candidates must accumulate a minimum of two years of experience in apartment housing maintenance position(s).
— All work experience must be documented in the Application for Credential (see link above).

Experience Requirement for NAHMS:

— All candidates must accumulate a minimum of three years of experience in apartment housing maintenance position(s).
— All candidates must supervise / manage a minimum of one staff person in addition to themselves.
— All work experience must be documented in the Application for Credential (see link above).

The certified NAHMT or NAHMS professional will be entitled to use the NAHMT or NAHMS designation on business cards and letterhead.

In addition, each NAHMT or NAHMS will be listed in NAHMA’s online NAHMT / NAHMS national directory. In addition, earning the NAHMT or NAHMS credential will demonstrate a commitment to extensive professional development to peers and employers. NAHMA’s credential programs are well respected in the industry. Most importantly, NAHMT and NAHMS professionals, through their commitment to the NAHMT / NAHMS Code of Ethics (see below), are dedicated to providing safe and decent housing to all eligible residents.

Continuing Education

Continuing education is at the core of the NAHMT / NAHMS credential. The NAHMT or NAHMS credential holder will need to maintain their active status by completing four (4) continuing education units per year. Constant changes in technologies and procedures necessitate a continuing effort by maintenance professionals to remain current in all aspects of their work. Commitment to competence includes appropriately tailored continuing education programs.

One continuing education unit (CEU) is equal to one hour of instruction/training. In order for an event to be used as an eligible CEU, it must possess a published agenda and/or a specific topic area. Workshops, seminars and technical sessions can be used for continuing education. Events that are in conjunction with a trade show or association/organization event may be eligible based on the description above. Mere attendance at a trade show does not constitute continuing education. You may acquire all of the CEUs in a full-day event or by accumulating the hours from various events that may be sponsored as shorter sessions/workshops.

Code of Professional Conduct

This Code of Professional Conduct sets forth the principles that each NAHMT or NAHMS credential holder shall at all times observe:
— Exercise the highest level of integrity and professional conduct.
— Exercise reasonable compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations and maintain professional standards.
— Respect the equal employment and housing opportunity of any person no matter their race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, age, handicap and any constitutionally protected class.

How to Apply

All applications must be sent to the local/regional AHMA for approval and signature. If you do not have the address for your local AHMA, please contact NAHMA at (703) 683-8630, ext 117 for further information, or visit

Note: For fastest turn around, all applications should be filled out completely and submitted by the 15th of the month. For example, an application submitted on March 15th will receive notification in April. An application submitted after March 15th would receive notification in May. This turnaround schedule, which applies to each month, incorporates time for the Credential Review Board to review and process each application.

For more details on NAHMA’s maintenance credential program, please contact Tim Bishop at, or 703-683-8630, ext 117.