National Affordable Housing Professional (NAHP)


Download the Application for NAHP Professional here. NEW FORM UPDATED 12/2017!

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NAHP Procedures Manual


For NAHP-Executive and NAHP Professional Continuing Education Forms, please click here.

What is the National Affordable Housing Professional® (NAHP®)?

NAHP is the only professional certification program with stringent requirements dedicated solely to recognizing and promoting achievement of the highest possible standards in affordable housing management.The fees associated with securing the NAHP certification have been authorized as eligible to be paid from project expenses by HUD.Specifically, the expense must meet the applicable requirements of HUD Handbook 4381.5, REV-1, paragraph 2-15; the expense must be for “front-line” staff. NAHP costs for “Main Office” management personnel cannot be paid from the project account. Funds for NAHP expenses must be budgeted and approved by the Field Office. Allowable costs are limited to actual, reasonable expenses for registration, certification, transportation, meals and lodging. However, the NAHP annual renewal fee is not an eligible project expense.Developed by the National Affordable Housing Management Association, the program is available to industry professionals at the following levels:


The successful applicant must have a minimum of two years of affordable housing management experience, and must also meet an education component. Criteria requirements are specifically structured to provide the NAHP with the skills and expertise required to function in the affordable housing industry with a high degree of competence and professionalism.


This select level of certification was designed to recognize affordable housing management executives. To qualify, you must have at least five years of affordable housing experience with a minimum of three (of the five) years as an active owner, CEO, managing agent, asset manager, district/regional manager or equivalent.


This level of certification is designed to recognize those individuals throughout the country who, through their leadership or influence, have made significant contributions to the affordable housing industry. The Honorary Award is a one-time presentation and there are no on-going annual renewal fees. Individuals may not apply for, nor should they solicit, an Honorary award. Rather, this is an avenue by which AHMAs/NAHMA may honor those who have had a major positive impact on affordable housing at the local, regional, or national level. Click here for application.


The NAHP Emeritus designation is designed for NAHPs who are retiring from the affordable housing industry, but would like to stay up-to-date, as well as be recognized for their continued commitment to the NAHP program. NAHP Emeritus designees will continue to receive the NAHP Update, and will be included in the annual certification directory. There are no ongoing renewal requirements. This designation is available by nomination from an active NAHP or AHMA only and requires that the nominee: be a current NAHP in good standing, has maintained the NAHP designation for a minimum of five consecutive years, be at least 60 years of age and retired, or have a hardship or illness forcing retirement. Click here for application.

Who should seek the NAHP designation?

Any person actively engaged in affordable housing, who is committed to the advancement of professional property management and the constant improvement of his or her own management skills, should seek the NAHP designation. The NAHP certification program achieves these goals by requiring continuing education and participation in the industry.

Why should you acquire the NAHP certification?
  • Individual recognition of your competence in the affordable housing industry;
  • Recognition of your professionalism by current and future employers;
  • Continuing educational opportunities designed to keep you in the forefront of your field;
  • The power and support of a national organization working for you;
  • Networking opportunities with other professionals in the specialized field of affordable housing; and,
  • Affiliation with an organization committed to the constant improvement and sharpening of your management skills.
How long does it take to earn the NAHP certification?

All Applications for Certification must be approved by NAHMA’s Certification Review Board electronically on a monthly basis. Every certified NAHP will receive a certificate and lapel pin. You will be able to use the NAHP designation on letterhead and business cards to mark your accomplishment. Also, each NAHP will be listed in the annual NAHP national directory along with your peers.

Note: For fastest turn around, all applications should be filled out completely and submitted by the 15th of the month. For example, an application submitted on March 15th will receive notification in April. An application submitted after March 15th would receive notification in May. This turnaround schedule, which applies to each month, incorporates time for the Credential Review Board to review and process each application.

Requirements for Certification

Professional Level:

The NAHP certification is comprised of education, work experience and adherence to the NAHP Code of Professional Conduct. All criteria must be met before the Candidate can become certified.


The education component consists of successful completion of course work in the following areas: occupancy, fair housing and basic apartment management.
Completion of all three of the following certifications meet the education requirement:

*For Candidates who specialize in low income housing tax credit properties, you may acquire the NAHMA Specialist in Housing Credit Management (SHCM) certification in lieu of the CPO.


All Candidates must accumulate a minimum of two years of experience in affordable housing functioning as a Site Manager, Assistant Manger, Occupancy Specialist, Leasing Consultant, or equivalent position(s). All work and industry experience must be documented in the NAHP Application for Certification. (Résumés will not be accepted in lieu of this documentation.)

The year following certification, each NAHP will be invoiced an annual $115 renewal fee and will be responsible for submitting documentation of 10 (ten) hours of continuing education annually. (CEU forms are posted below.)

NAHP Professional Application (PDF)

Executive Level:

The NAHP-e® certification is comprised of work experience and adherence to the NAHP Code of Professional Conduct. The following criteria must be met before the Candidate can become certified.


All candidates must accumulate a minimum of five years of experience in the affordable housing industry. At least three (of the five) years of experience must be at an executive level, functioning as an active owner, CEO, managing agent, asset manager, district/regional manager or equivalent. You will be eligible for this credential once you have submitted an application (and fee) and you are in good standing with, and be recommended by, your local, state, or regional AHMA.

The year following certification, each NAHP-e will be invoiced an annual $140 renewal fee and will be responsible for submitting self-certification documentation of 10 (ten) hours of continuing education annually. (CEU forms are posted below.)

NAHP Executive Application 

Continuing Education

Continuing education is at the core of the NAHP certification. Constant changes in governmental rules and procedures necessitate a continuing effort by professional managers to remain current in all aspects of property and/or asset management. One continuing education unit (CEU) is equal to one hour of instruction/training. In order for an event to be considered as an eligible CEU, it must possess a published agenda and/or a specific topic area. Workshops, seminars and technical sessions can be used for continuing education if the event meets the above criteria. Events that are in conjunction with a trade show or association/organization event, may be eligible based on the description above. Mere attendance at a trade show or board meeting does not constitute continuing education. You may acquire all of the CEUs in a full-day event, or by accumulating the hours from various events that may be sponsored in a half-day or session format. See below for CEU forms.

Code of Professional Conduct

This Code of Professional Conduct sets forth the principles that each NAHP and/or Executive Council Member shall at all times observe.
Exercise the highest level of integrity and professional conduct.
Exercise reasonable compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations and maintain professional standards.
Provide equal employment and housing opportunity to any person no matter their race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, age, handicap and any constitutionally protected class.
Professionally manage properties, including but not limited to:
Maintaining fiduciary obligations to clients; Avoiding disclosure of confidential information to third parties; Maintaining true and accurate accounting records; and, Protecting all clients’ assets. Use professional means if seeking to influence legislation, regulations, or public opinions.

Fee Schedule
Professional Level Application for Certification $100.00
Professional Level Renewal $125.00
Executive Level Application for Certification $190.00
Executive Level Renewal $150.00