NEAHMAs Annual Industry Awards Reception will be held on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at Four Points by Sheraton in Norwood, MA in conjunction with NEAHMAs Annual Conference & Trade Show.

Nomination Deadline September 28, 2017

The application and nomination criteria for the NEAHMA Awards are available in three categories below:   

  1. National Designations: 
         4 award opportunities available  
         NAHP, NAHP-e, NAHMT and NAHMS of the Year
  2. Affordable Housing Professional of the Year:  
       3 award opportunities available

     Property Manager, Resident Service Coordinator and Maintenance
     Professional of the Year 

  1. Communities of Quality Awards: 5 award opportunities available
         Exemplary Family Development
         Exemplary Development for the Elderly
         Exemplary Development for Residents with Special Needs
         Exemplary Development for Single Room Occupancy Housing
         Outstanding Turnaround of a Troubled Property

Please note that applications and nominations for the NEAHMA awards should be submitted electronically only (via email) to NEAHMA. 
Our Nominating Committee will review and the winners will be presented at the Annual Conference Dinner Awards Reception on October 17, 2017.

To nominate someone for any of the following awards, please respond by email to [email protected] and let us know which award you are nominating the person for and why you think the person should be the award winner, including specific accomplishments supporting your recommendation. This section should be a minimum of 100 words up to a maximum of 1500 words. 


Given annually, this competition will recognize an outstanding NAHP-Executive, outstanding NAHP-Professional, outstanding NAHMT and outstanding NAHMS for their contributions to the affordable housing industry.


Given annually, this award recognizes an outstanding Certified Green Property Management (CGPM) credential holder for their contributions for promoting green practices, as well as energy conservation and sustainability initiatives to the affordable housing industry.

The Awards Criteria -You may nominate any one from your staff or a coworker that currently has any of these designations.  You may also nominate someone for more than one category.  

If you are unsure the person you would like to nominate has one of these designations, you can confirm by checking the NAHMA Credential Directory at

  • A NAHP-Executive is an individual, who owns, operates, manages, or assists in the management of affordable housing and who, through completion of strict NAHP requirements, has met the highest possible industry standards. 
  • A NAHP-Professional has demonstrated comprehensive property or asset management skills along with a detailed knowledge of government programs; regulations and procedures as they are applied to assisted housing.
  • A NAHMT and NAHMS professional have demonstrated comprehensive apartment maintenance skills along with a proven knowledge of fair housing regulations.
  • Most importantly, NAHP, NAHMT and NAHMS professionals, through their commitment to the NAHP, NAHMT / NAHMS Code of Ethics, are dedicated to providing safe and decent housing to all eligible residents.


These awards will be given annually to a NEAHMA member affordable housing professional in recognition of their contributions to the affordable housing industry and to the difference they have made in their residents lives. 

The Awards Criteria -You may nominate someone for one or both of these awards.  This person should demonstrate the skills needed to operate a well-run property and the ability to work well with industry partners and the residents living at their property.

Nomination Deadline:  September 28, 2017