How do I become more involved with NEAHMA ?

If you are interested in becoming more involved with NEAHMA or volunteer, please contact the office at 781-380-4344.

Who are NEAHMA volunteers?

The NEAHMA Board and the Planning Committees consist of volunteers from our Regular Members and Associate Members. NEAHMA relies strongly on participation from our membership. Without their commitment to volunteer time and efforts, we would not be able to provide the level of training and membership services that we offer.

How much time is involved in being a volunteer?

The amount of time needed to become a volunteer or board member depends on the board position you accept or the committee you join. The Board meets once a month for about 3 hours. The planning committees usually meet for about 1 hour a month and  most of the communication can be accomplished through email.

What can I do to help?

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Below is a listing of the committees that you can become involved with through a nominating process.

Committee Lists