Take Advantage of the HD Supply Member

Benefit Program for NEAHMA Members

Under the new NAHMA-AHMA Member Benefit Program, HD Supply will:

1. Provide NAHMA and local AHMA members with the lowest catalog price regardless of order quantity. The lowest catalog price represents an average 11% savings off of current pricing.

2. Contribute to AHMA and NAHMA education, training and scholarship program funds in the amounts of 2% of net purchases to the local AHMA and 1% of net purchases to NAHMA, calculated based on net purchases by properties not currently enrolled in an HD Supply partnership agreement.

3. Provide unlimited access to its online maintenance courses. These courses cover topics such as appliance repair, HVAC repair, pool maintenance, plumbing repair, electrical repair, and make-ready maintenance.

4. Provide (1) in-person classroom training at no cost to any AHMA that collectively spends $300,000 annualized per year. Additionally, an AHMA that collectively spends $750,000 will receive (2) in-person training classes per year.
Sign up today at https://hdsupplysolutions.com/ or call 1-800-798-8809 to create your account and start receiving your discounted pricing.  Once you have established your account, please email  Doug Zirkle  at [email protected] with your account number and they will link your account to the NEAHMA members’ benefit program.