Packed Hope Initiative

Walking with Women in Need    
ruth project 
Pointed in the right direction…
Restoration in the face of victimization…
Skills for family reconciliation…
Encouragement in adverse conditions…
Hope for the woman who does not know where to turn…

Resources for Women in Need

PO Box 631, Milford, MA 01757


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The Ruth Project offers the following free resources to women in need:


  • Provision of backpacks filled with essentials for homeless women
Housing Readiness and Re-entry Program
  • Information and action steps to prepare returning citizens for successful re-entry and residency in housing

Human Trafficking Awareness and Resources:

  • A variety of awareness resources for community partners and key stakeholders
  • Rescue resources on a national and local level for women who are incarcerated due to trafficking
  • Rescue resources for at-risk women and children
  • Trauma and Stress Warning Signs and Resources

Parenting Resources:

  • Skill Building to establish and strengthen parenting capabilities
  • Action Steps for reconnecting mothers and children

For more information on how you can collaborate with us in this program, contact Sue Johnson at: [email protected] or call 508-353-0923.


The Ruth Project is part of Faith Seeds Ministries, PO Box 631, Milford, MA 01757.  We are a 501{c}{3} non-profit public charity